All Green Podcast Ep.11- Interview with the Director of Sales and Marketing of Seaborn Organics: Sammy Prantera

The All Green Podcast

"Michael had the opportunity to sit down and interview the Head of Marketing and Sales at Seaborn Organics, Sammy Prantera. Greenflow is a multifaceted recreational market startup operating within three different pillars of business; cultivation, micro-licensing, and Seaborn Organics, their organic squid-based fertilizer brand. Sammy teaches us about the inspiration behind the squid-fertilizer, some really unique features about the product and some awesome partnerships and projects Seaborn is working on."

Characterization of Squid-Processing Byproduct Hydrolysate and Its Potential as Aquaculture Feed Ingredient

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
"having feed attractability and good amino acid and fatty acid profiles with high contents of essential amino acids and fatty acids. Such hydrolysisinduced changes can make squid byproduct hydrolysate a good source of aquaculture feed ingredient, especially for a starter diet for larval fish."

Effectiveness of Squid Hydrolysate as a Home Lawn Fertilizer

 American Society for Horticultural Science

"Consumer demand for cleaned squid generates a substantial amount of waste that must be properly disposed of, creating an economic burden on processors. A potential solution to this problem involves converting squid byproducts into an organic fertilizer, for which there is growing consumer demand."

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