Cody L
Registered ACMPR and Consultant at Libinski Consulting Company

"When comparing against synthetic salt based nutrients, I found the plants to be much more healthy and resistant. I ran it in a much higher volume and ec content than recommended and had tremendous results. The only changes implemented this season were switching to squid juice for a full feed, and it was simple, effective, and cost efficient. I Would definitely recommend it to my customers who want an all organic simple solution."

Stan B
Home Grower

“I exclusively used the Squid Juice ‘Grow’2-2-2 complete nutrient and don’t know what’s more impressive my tomatoes or my cannabis plants”

Adam H
Sachem International Inc Hemp Farm

"Squid Juice allows even the inexperienced to thrive, it is a complete nutrient and you can’t over feed. Ideal when plants are small and great for foliar spray. We used it for a long time and reported vigorous growth and no leaf damage."

Jackie B
Home Grower

"I used this nutrient on all my outdoor plants and shrubs at the end of August last year. I was concerned that it was too late in the season for the roots to take hold, plus my property is open and subject to high winds. I used Squid Nutrient hoping some would survive but this product exceeded my expectations.
The plants grew fast and strong with deep green leaves and thick stocks and stems. I also feel great about using this nutrient since it is truly organic and can be used around people and pets. This product is a game-changer!" 

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